Daniel Connelly


Nothing to say, really, just jotting down some thoughts.

Work essentially stopped with the outbreak of the pandemic. Day care closed, working half time, fullt-ime leave when my second daughter was born, eight months essentially lost to the void. At least I had a job, unlike many.

Anyway, no programming happened for about six months. My eyesight actually improved slightly. Not a joke! Had to get an exam a couple month back when my contact prescription expired. Back to work now and expecting it to pick up the degredation where it left off.

The mental separation was actually nice. Mostly I spent the time reading, which I’ve found challenging for the past few years. Also reading tons of Latin, about an hour every day, and taking another course at Hunter College, an upper-level one on Cicero’s Pro Caelio. Finished Hans Orberg’s Roma Aeterna for the first time, and some Seneca and Ovid and Catullus as well. All the letters between Caelius and Cicero for a paper. Hoping to apply to the Master’s program at the CUNY Graduate Center for next fall, so I finally started learning Greek too. Fortunately it’s optional for the MA program. At least I already have German!

Advent of Code is coming up soon, and I’m considering participating again, although at a more leisurely pace – last year it got in the way of work and everything else. Might still try to work straight through, but not hoping to finish by Christmas Day. Language-wise I’m not committed. I left off hobby programming in OCaml, which was a real joy, and although I also rewrote a ton of the solutions in Rust, I’m a bit reluctant to dig back into it. Takes too much time and concentration to do well. That’s a good thing for serious work but one reason I did last year’s solutions in Go was that it cost almost nothing to become productive, and I’m just not working in Rust or OCaml enough on a regular basis to drop into them suddenly and know what I’m doing. Go took about a day for that to happen. C++ is also an option, since the language keeps evolving and it would be a nice chance to get used to new idioms and features in a low-stakes and low-oversight (i.e. non-work) environment.

Probably a long break between posts again. Maybe I’ll try to write something up if I do actually do some Advent of Code. I’d intended to write up some thoughts about software development that I’ve been collecting, but they’ve all dissolved in the Long Month Of March. Wondering how long it’ll be before it all comes back, now that I’m back to work.